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Trust is vital to a successful polygraph exam.

You must trust the polygraph examiner completely and have absolute faith in his knowledge, training, ability and professionalism.  Dr. Rovner’s background, accomplishments and credentials are worthy of your trust.

Dr. Rovner is among the most qualified and respected experts in his field.  He has conducted scientific research in lie detection and is widely published.  Dr. Rovner has also taught Psychology and Statistics as a university professor, and has been teaching polygraph examiners since 1985.  In addition, he is recognized by the judicial system as an expert in polygraph testing, and has testified in court on numerous occasions.


Dr. Rovner’s professional affiliations include:

  •         American Polygraph Association
  •         American Psychological Association
  •         American Psychology-Law Society
  •         American Society for Testing and Materials
  •         National Polygraph Association
  •         Society for Psychophysiological Research
  •         Panel of Experts – Los Angeles Superior Court, Criminal Division

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About Us