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Dr. Rovner is recognized by the courts as an expert in polygraph testing and lie detection research.  He has testified in numerous trials and hearings.

Criminal Cases

Scientific research has shown that a properly administered polygraph test is accurate 96% of the time.  This is a far higher accuracy rate than most other forms of evidence, including eyewitness testimony, fingerprint identification, and psychiatric opinion.  Your clients should have the opportunity to prove their innocence.

Civil Cases

When a lawsuit boils down to a “he said, she said” situation, a polygraph test provides objective, independent corroboration for your client’s side of the story.  When large sums of money and reputations are at stake, polygraph can help you to ensure that justice is done.

Divorce Cases and Child Custody Actions

People in the midst of a divorce make malicious and untrue accusations against their spouse, often just to hurt them.  If your client has been unfairly accused of anything in a divorce proceeding or custody dispute, a polygraph test can provide strong evidence in his or her behalf.

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