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Fidelity / Relationship Tests

“Is my husband having an affair with that girl from work?”

“Someone told me that he saw my girlfriend with another guy, but she denies it.”

“Do all those phone calls and text messages mean that something is going on?”

“Is she carrying on an internet relationship?”

“Is he still spending hours each day looking at internet porn?”

These are the kinds of concerns that keep you awake at night, wondering if the person you love is being unfaithful to you.  The emotional stress is horrendous, to say nothing of the risk of an unfaithful partner exposing you to AIDS or other STDs.

Dr. Rovner is your best choice for a fidelity exam!

If you think that your spouse or partner is being unfaithful to you, or if you feel that you are being unfairly accused of infidelity, a polygraph test that is administered by an internationally acclaimed expert can accurately answer your questions and directly approach the issues that are keeping your life on hold.

For accurate results, your polygraph examiner should be an expert in relationships and fidelity issues.

Dr. Rovner, in addition to holding a Ph.D. in Psychology, is a former Dean of the Professional School of Psychological Studies, a graduate school that trained psychologists and marriage counselors.  If you feel that your relationship would benefit from a polygraph exam, there is no polygraph examiner who is more qualified and experienced than Dr. Rovner

Trust the future of your relationship to the very best!

Here are a few websites I found that may be of some help to you in your research.

Fidelity Testing