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The Polygraph – Psychology Meets Technology!

From the beginning of recorded history, people have known that your mind and body work together.  For example, when you’re happy, you feel happy.  When you’re scared, you feel scared.  What you feel at those times is your body being synchronized with your mind.

The field of lie detection has been using this knowledge since the 1920s.  Scientists and researchers around the world have demonstrated that when we combine our knowledge of psychology with modern technology, we can tell if a person is lying or telling the truth almost all the time.

The modern polygraph is able to monitor and record the physiological changes in your body when you lie and when you tell the truth.  These changes, when interpreted by a skilled polygraph examiner, are clear and unmistakable evidence of truth and deception.

Dr. Rovner uses the most sophisticated technology available.  His computerized polygraph, along with two digital scoring algorithms, insures that anyone he tests will receive the most accurate polygraph results anywhere.


Who uses Polygraph Testing?

Polygraph is used thousands of times every day.  People who have benefitted from polygraph tests include:

  • Private individuals
  • Attorneys
  • Private companies and corporations
  • Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and Police and Sheriff Departments\
  • All branches of the United States military

Here are a few websites I found that may be of some help to you in your research.

How It Works