Evidence that Polygraph Testing Contributes to Police Investigation in Universal City California

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Evidence that Polygraph Testing Contributes to Police Investigation in Universal City California

Not sure exactly how polygraph testing contributes to high profile murder cases? Learn about the benefits of polygraph testing in Universal City California.

According to an article at secure.forumcomm.com, “Investigations and Polygraph Testing”

“Rollie Rust admits he wasn’t a big believer in lie detectors before he went to polygraph testing school.

But after more than three decades of quizzing suspects and other subjects for truthfulness, the retired Fargo police sergeant has concluded that, if used as intended, the polygraph test is just really kind of a nice tool.

Being in this profession for 30-some years, I’m really comfortable with it, he said. But I’m comfortable to the point I know that you don’t try the whole case just by the polygraph.

Lie detector tests have played a role in two recent high-profile murder cases in the region.

According to court records in Otter Tail County, Minn., a father and son charged with killing their relative, 33-year-old Scott Burris, reportedly over drug money he owed them, had failed lie detector tests administered by law enforcement early on in the investigation.

A polygraph exam also was administered to Travis DuBois Sr., the father of two young children murdered in their home in St. Michael, N.D., in 2011. During the test and interview with FBI agents. DuBois confessed to killing the children but later recanted, and another man, Valentino Tino Bagola, was convicted Sept. 23 of the stabbing deaths.” To read the entire article click here.

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