Polygraph Testing Involved in the Professional Sports

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Polygraph Testing Involved in the Professional Sports

Did you hear about the case involving a former baseball professional and polygraph testing? Learn about the facts regarding a case involved with the use of polygraph testing.

 Digital PolygraphAccording to an article at latimes.com, “Professional Athletes Using Polygraph Exams”

“An attorney representing former major leaguer Jack Clark has challenged Angels slugger Albert Pujols whom he referred to as Jose Alberto Pujols Alcantara — to take a polygraph test to determine whether Pujols is telling the truth that he never used performance-enhancing drugs.

Pujols filed a defamation suit in Missouri on Oct. 4 over an accusation commentator Clark made in early August on a radio show that Pujols used PEDs. Clark has said he based his accusation on conversations he had with Chris Mihlfeld, Pujols’ former personal trainer who worked with the Dodgers when Clark was the team’s hitting coach in 2000. Both Pujols and Mihlfeld have denied Clark’s allegation.” To read the entire article click here.

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