Should I Have My Spouse Take a Fidelity Test in Los Angeles?

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Have you noticed any changes with your spouse maybe they way you communicate, working late nights, or an inconsistency in the truth. Do you think that your spouse has committed adulatory?   Learn the signs that your spouse may be having an affair. Want to get to the bottom of the truth then you should consult Dr. Rovner on fidelity testing in Los Angeles.

According to an article at, “Is My Spouse Cheating on Me”

“1. Your partner’s behavior has become secretive. If every time you walk into the room he or she abruptly finishes a phone call, you may have a cheating partner on your hands. Or if he or she leaves for a few hours and returns with no clear explanation as to where they were, that is also a sign something sneaky may be afoot.

2. Another telltale sign of a cheating partner is a collection of messages from an unfamiliar email address sent to him or her. In this age of technology there are plenty of ways to communicate privately with another person. A look at your partner’s log of text messages may also send up a red flag if a particular number appears again and again.

3. An unusual amount of hang up phone calls is also an indication that your partner is cheating. In this era of automatic dialing, wrong numbers are not as common as they once were. If every time you answer your partner’s cell phone the caller hangs up, it may be cause for concern.

4. Take a close look at his or her credit card bill. If there are a number of charges for hotel stays, restaurant meals or gift purchases for gifts you never saw, that is a sign of infidelity. The charges for hotel rooms are enough reason to sit down with your partner and have a serious talk.

5. If your significant other is spending an unusual amount of overtime at work it could be an indication that he or she is seeing someone else. A phone call to his or her workplace may help to confirm your partner’s story or reveal another truth.

6. A change in your partner’s appearance may be a sign of infidelity. If he or she begins dressing in an extremely stylish way for work or taking more care with personal grooming, these may be signs that your partner is trying to impress a particular person.

7. If your partner begins treating your relationship differently than before it can be a sign of cheating. For instance, for years you’ve enjoyed going to the movies together every Saturday afternoon. Nowadays he or she has no interest in the activity. The lack of interest may be a sign that your partner no longer wants to give effort to your relationship. An abrupt change in the level of enthusiasm your partner has for shared activities with you can be a sign that there is someone else in the picture.”

Want your marriage to work? If you think that that your spouse is cheating, you have an option with fidelity testing. For more information on fidelity testing visit and setup  your appointment today.


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