The Contribution of Polygraph Testing for a Missing Woman

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The Contribution of Polygraph Testing for a Missing Woman

Polygraph testing is nothing like it may be portrayed on TV. Polygraph testing has more benefits then more people even realize.

According to an article at, “Law Enforcement  and Polygraph Testing”

“A Bath woman disappeared without a trace, and police questioned a man who delivered a water softener to her home that day.

“He was not a suspect, but he was the guy last known to be at the home,” Evans said.

“Just to confirm his statement, they asked him to take a polygraph. I tested him and he failed,” he said. “I looked down at the toe of his shoe, and there appeared to be a dried blood spot.

“One thing led to the next, and we had a confession within five minutes and a map to where he had dumped her body.” To read the entire article click here.

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Here are a few websites I found that may be of some help to you in your research.

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