The Importance of Polygraph Testing

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If you’ve been following our blog you understand that we are committed to the education of polygraph to the community. Here’s one story about how congress required that the U.S. Department of Energy conduct polygraph testing.

According to an article at, “Polygraph Testing in the Wen Ho Lee Case”

“The Los Alamos National Laboratory investigation of Wen Ho Lee in connection with espionage and security violations has taken on mythical proportions, and claims about whether or not he “passed” his polygraph examinations have been central to many of the newspaper and other media accounts. Different members of the committee were given varying accounts about a polygraph examination conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), but this information was not provided to the committee on the record.

This appendix summarizes information extracted from a number of sources, including the publicly released parts of the final report of a U.S. Department of Justice review of the handling of the entire case (Attorney General’s Review Team, 2000; hereafter referred to as the FBI report).1 We include this information because it illuminates the background of this study. It was the Wen Ho Lee case that led Congress to require polygraph screening in the DOE and that, indirectly, triggered this study. In addition, the case illustrates the fine line that sometimes divides polygraph screening from event-specific investigation: Wen Ho Lee’s polygraph tests included a number of generic screening-type questions, even though the investigators were sometimes interested in specific contacts between Lee and foreign scientists during which specific information may have been passed to the foreigners. The FBI report covers investigations of security lapses at Los Alamos National Laboratory linked to Wen Ho Lee, beginning in 1982 and running through 1999. It describes the results of three different polygraph tests administered to Wen Ho Lee, in 1984.”

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Here are a few websites I found that may be of some help to you in your research.

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